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The Ascetic v/s The Hedonistic

“There is nothing wrong with getting married! There is nothing wrong with earning a lot of money!. With his first words, the saffron clad ascetic allayed my fears that I might become like him. “In fact, we are here to learn how to do those things perfectly.” The Youth Empowerment Programme would have its share of surprises for me. Nine young men about to start their careers were there for brainstorming about life. How to live life perfectly? What limits our caliber? What builds our confidence? The questions were endless and then this guy made that statement all spiritual people make “The answers lie within you” Control your mind and you control the world. How do we do that?

We were going to be introduced to the Vedic ways of how one should lead one’s life. Now I cursed myself. Spirituality to me is red rag to a bull. It is not that I despise religion. I believe in God, I love God, pray to Him because he gives me what I want, but one month? That’s overdose!

Now my defense s…


“So how many meters of saffron cloth should I order?”

“What? You’re going into Chinmay mission? Did someone ditch you? Are you heart broken? ...”

These were the kind of reactions I got from my family and friends when I decided to join a camp organized by Chinmaya Mission at Zambavli in South Goa. People looked at me with sympathy as if I was going to die, go away forever. What was the camp about? I did not really know. Why was I going there? Well, the company of ascetics would certainly be bearable than my mom’s chiding over my addiction to TV and the internet!

Eat what they offer, hear out what they have to say and sleep as much as possible. Some minor misunderstanding with my parents had disturbed me a bit and I just wanted to be at peace. The last post I wrote is what I told at the selection interview for the camp.

I had no idea that my guesses will come absolutely true!

Gautam Buddha once said, “What we are now is the result of what we have thought. What we will become will be th…