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What's the issue with language?

The Marathi newspapers today are abuzz celebrating Marathi language day.  There are articles debating the invasion of English over Marathi, discussing how Marathi can be popularised on internet, and all sorts of such things.
In Goa, I have myself seen people taking sides in Marathi v/s Konkani tussle and things heating up over language issues. I thought that the experiences of a linguistic chameleon, if I might call myself that, might offer some new perspective on this language controversy.
I have never understood why people are so passionate about languages. My mom is a Goan and father is a Maharastrian.  My background does not allow me to take sides in Konkani-Marathi debate raging in Goa and passion displayed by my friends and family for their own language only helped make my childhood a never-ending journey of learning new languages.
My father comes from a distant village in Maharashtra. Right from the time I was a baby learning to talk, he has insisted that I speak Marathi. My…