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There was a hit film named 300. It was about King Leonides and his 300 soldiers who bravely stood against the Persian invaders in Greece. This is the story of 300 days at the Goa University that decided how I would face the world at the end of my student days. When I enrolled for Masters in political science, ‘one last time’ I told myself. ‘Within two years, I am getting out of this racket.’ That was my attitude towards the university but one should not count ones chickens before they hatch. Those 300 days were the most agonizing and yet enlightening days in my life. Countless fiascoes, acidity and a self learnt lesson in stress management from GU with love!!

I still remember the first day at the university. Fear about the unknown seniors and tales about ragging were always there. But on the very first day, the H.O.D.’s speech proved to be demoralizing and totally devoid of interest. He said something like ‘the schedule here is a damn hectic one’ and ‘if u don’t do your assignments, we…