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The Big Brother That Watches Over Us

Our magazine, The Goan in School just brought out a special issue on secret services around the world. As a part of the issue, I got a chance to interview a former officer of India's internal intelligence agency, the Intelligence Bureau. It was an interesting conversation and I couldn't resist sharing the article here.  

Considering India’s strategic situation, security has been a serious concern for the country and this has called for the need of a powerful and efficient intelligence apparatus. Today, at a time when we are fighting unconventional threats such as terrorism, it is important that the nation’s internal intelligence mechanism should be sound and capable. Associate Director of Fomento Resources and former officer of the Intelligence Bureau Mr Suresh Kumar Nair spoke to us at length about the strengths and weaknesses of India’s primary internal intelligence agency, the IB.
Our perception of the world of spies is often shaped by the TV and movies which tend to romantic…

Reasons to be unashamed of not blogging

Hi guys!

We meet after a really long time, I know. I’ve been doing some aimless reading lately, picking up books that might help me design quirky characters and twisted storylines.  I have no idea what I am looking for. Just wandering through the two worlds –real and literary, hunting for people and ideas. I just read these two amazing books that triggered the urge to write something.

The first book, which will stay forever in my shelf, is “Reasons to Stay Alive” by Matt Haig.

Matt was 24. He was living in a posh villa in Ibiza, Spain, and his job was organizing parties. But he had severe depression. This book chronicles his suffering and rising from the mental illness.
What I like about the book is that it combines deeply personal narrative with bits of psychological research regarding depression, and all of it is presented with dry humor. The author tells us how depressing thoughts turned his days into nightmares and states that the medicines did not seem to work at all. Then he go…

The Crew Of Outcasts

Note: This story picks up the story line from the events mentioned in my book. It also serves as a continuation of the previous post titled League of Shadows

The loud ring of the cell-phone shook me out of sleep. I blinked and rose from the bed with a start. The mid-April heat was making life unbearable. The fan revolving overhead was not helping. To top it all, my cellphone did not have a good signal in my own flat.

“Hello scamster” growled the voice at the other end of the phone. It triggered lots of memories and emotions in my heart. “Did you miss us?”

“You have no idea.” I whispered.

I had awaited that call for a long time.

Holding the handset to my ear, I walked out to the adjoining balcony. Spread beneath my gaze were the narrow streets of Sadashiv Peth, filled with smoke, noise, and chaos.

Yes. A year after the events mentioned in my previous book, I was still living in Pune.

After my German classes had ended two years prior, I had gone back to Goa to pursue my dream of w…

The League of Shadows

It’s been quite some time since I've posted anything here. It’s because I had trouble getting in the right mood to write. I am now working for a small company that is into marketing and branding. My job presently is to write content for things ranging from flyers and newsletters to websites and brochures.  The company however has some peculiarities and an air of mystery that can only be captured aptly by one nickname.
The League of Shadows.
The company  seems to be a loosely knit group of freelancers held together by its resourceful owner. It is actually a full-time company but the approach of its owner to work has given the company a unique character. For the sake of this blog, let’s call him Emperor Akihito. A cheerful, cherubic gentleman playing with some unconventional ideas.
The company works in B2B marketing and branding.  It has a rich and diverse clientele ranging from steel rebar makers, industrial dryer manufacturers to business intelligence consultancy firms. The Emper…