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Dreams of the demented souls

Life can sometimes take very funny and weird turns.
I had just finished my level 3 German classes. (European reference level B1). The subsidy on my German training ended.  My three month stay in the city should have officially ended.. However, I wanted to stay a little longer in Pune to avoid the terrible Goan monsoon. I called a few friends, pulled a few strings and got a part time job with a small web site as content writer.  
My job was to write a newsletter for a small steel company. The newsletter would be centered around pretty general themes like ‘quick exercises at your desk’, ‘tips for peace of mind’ ‘work-life balance’ etc.  They liked my writing but we had differences of principles.  They had a ridiculous complain. “Your English is too good.” The company’s chief editor told me. “Our audience is Indian workers and managers. You write like western authors.” 
The  Americans on Twitter must have influenced me a little deeper than I actually believe.
“What is the need for such tho…