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Of Roots and Wings

People migrate from place to place in search of good life. They seek better employment opportunities, more opulent houses and what not, and thus go from Goa to Delhi to Washington.

In my opinion, if you want a good life, stay in one place. Take roots. That gives you a chance to cultivate people. Building networks and staying with them is perhaps more important than just running where the money takes you. Ten years down the line, you suddenly discover that your bench-mate in school has now become a police inspector; that girl who always lended you notes has become a teacher, and the conductor of that bus you take to office every day is none other than that back-bencher who pretended to be the cool dude of the class.

Moving places prevents you from strengthening these networks. One might say Whatsapp and social media help maintain friendships. True, but they do not strengthen them. Nothing equals the joy of pouring out your mind after the day’s work to that old friend who has been by …