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“… Creative writing will give me an opportunity to revisit my human side.” I wrote in my application to the Department of English when I opted for the creative writing paper. My calculation was simple. Creative writing does not involve any ‘theories’. It was easily manageable. Besides, a wide database of politically correct statements made by cunning chiefs of states and the knowledge of contemporary issues in international relations would give me an edge over the English students who read poems and plays and lived in a world of fantasy and fairytales

However the magnitude of my mistake did not strike me till my performance at the Department of English came to resemble a Greek tragedy. Back in the department of political science, there is a department we regard the most dangerous to world peace-the American Department of Defense otherwise known as DOD. The English department posed grave danger to my mental peace. No wonder I referred to it as the formidable D.O.E.
In response to my kn…

Letter to Girls !

Dear girls,We all are well aware that without you, our life would be a desolate desert. You are the centre of our attention. We, the boys, dress in the most impeccable way, show off the funkiest of hairstyles and sport the coolest cars and bikes just to impress you! But do we think about what you really want? Do we think about what you really feel?If not, it is time we do.
You are the patient angels who provide us all the support we need, you become the foundation stones of our success! When a boy is a little child, he stands up taking the hand of his mother. When he goes to college, his ego stands on the silent support of his girlfriend and in his career, his wife. But when that mother becomes old and looks up to us for support, we throw her in an old age home. To that sweet girlfriend and later wife, we behave like an intimidating monster. Do we rally give you the space and the respect you deserve?If not, it is time we do.
It is true that we share a major part of the blame, but is the…