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Wild Bill

Unlearning is the key to successful innovation.
I wish to have these words tattooed across my forehead so that I never forget them. That is what I learnt during my two year long career as a journalist in ‘our Great News Channel’.  It’s a really simple two step process. First, you list all the assumptions people have about a story. Then, you break them all.
It was my boss, the editor of Our Great News Channel who taught me these things.  It was him who set the core value of my writing both in journalism and creative writing. “Content is king”. He used to remand all his staff from time to time. Get your hands on great content and present it in an entertaining manner because infotainment is the best means to keep your audience hooked in information age.
He was a boss with brilliant ideas and very liberal way of leadership. When I looked at his ideas and his ability to build networks of knowledgeable people, a nickname just popped into my head. This man understood that networks hold t…