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Letter to My Future Self

Hello, New Me, this is Old Me (even though technically you are the older person.)

You are definitely wiser and more experienced than I am. You may wonder why I am writing to you from my time. I will put it this way: We have these epiphanies sometimes and we discover what being truly happy is, but they last for a short time before being forgotten and lost in our daily struggles. This letter is an attempt to preserve one such epiphany.

I believe you are currently surrounded by more people than I was but connect with very few of them. I started that phase of your life. I understood that material stuff brings limited happiness and people bring a little more happiness, but in reality, our happiness lies with us. Today, you will find people pressuring you into do things you do not wish. In that case, I remind you, strive for solitude and reflection.  That is what brought you the success you enjoy at the moment.

If you are at the moment feeling depressed and indifferent to pretty much ever…

The Grass is Always Greener on Our Side

I have found a flaw in our lives and I intend to mend it.  People are glorifying rat-race; prioritising work over sleep and health.  “I am so busy, I don’t have time even for myself” is something people say with pride. This is a cool trend.
I intend to reverse that trend.

It is cool to have control over your own time; to be happy with less rather than chasing money at the cost of health. The West is witnessing such a trend where young professionals are rejecting hectic work schedules and opting for less-paying options that offer a slower and more peaceful life. This is called ‘downshifting’.  This is the trend I seek to drive forward.
To that end, I have tried to write stories about people caught in the rat-race, only to find them sprawling with clich├ęs. I found myself falling prey to anger, frustration, pushing myself harder to research Slowness and Minimalism, reading books late into night, exhausting myself thinking hard till it was almost sunrise; doing the very things I stand for avo…