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R&R (rest and recuperation)

I was very enthusiastic about rising fast in the small Goan media business. I worked entire September without even taking weekly offs, had one month of continuous all nighters for the first time in my life and the little problem of acidity I had then, developed into hyper acidity. This condition has ruined my social and gastronomic life. 
I have skipped a couple of birthday parties, a dinner invitation at hotel Delmon, cant eat oily and spicy food, cant stay online all night and worst of all,  my mom and our neighbors, the armature Ayurveda enthusiasts,  have reduced me into a genuine pig who is fed  all the  bitter, most horribly testing  herbs  on the planet.
Despite their best efforts, when I continued to throw up every ounce of food I consumed, I went to a homeopathy doctor who gave a long prescription of his sweet homeopathic tablets for a change. I had to compulsorily eat something and pop a pill every two hours. When things were a little better and I resumed my job, the conditi…