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Rules of Sharing

Had a discussion about the proper use of social media in office yesterday.  We talk a lot about the increasing penetration of social media but with that we also need to develop the right mindset to use these media. When you are sharing something on social, it is akin to broadcasting your views on national television. In case of something like Twitter or blog, you are broadcasting to global audience. With that in mind, and drawing upon my thoughts during the discussion, I listed some basic guidelines for sharing information on social .

I call them the Rules of Sharing.

Think twice before you post anything.  The world is watching.You won’t gain much by following your own friends. Follow people from different countries and cultures. Broaden your horizons. Curate relevant information by scanning the right hashtags. Getting information is the easy part. Curating is more important. Hashtags are a must with every status. They get you visibility. People who troll your profile see what pages y…