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Travelling in a bus

At the beginning of every new day, people look forward to little pleasures that make their day delightful. Good weather, a comfortable journey to work and so on. I look forward to traveling in a bus. This object has been the butt of public antipathy for its crushing crowds and yelling conductors but I am drawn to a bus like a Russian to Vodka. I am addicted to it. The bus is a goldmine of enriching experiences! It is an interesting movie of which the conductor is the director, the hero and the villain. Even though the driver controls it, it is the conductor who really rules the bus like a king. And he rules in accordance with the principle of equality. Man or woman, rich or poor, dark or fair, he dishes out equal insults to all! In addition to that, if you are lucky enough not to get a seat, congratulations! You become his favorite victim. For those poor standing passengers, the conductor is a jail warden ordering his prisoners around-and he has only one order to give “FatiVach” (get …


This is a digital story that I had made for an event named 'Red'. Red was the inaugural event for a week long series of multimedia workshops offered by Monsoon Gray center for design. The inaugural event of the launch was inspired by a novel written by Turkish author Orhan Pamuk, titled 'My Name is Red'. some 40 people were invited to contribute artwork in medium of their choice. The subject was Red. The participants were free to interpret the concept Red in any manner they liked. There were paintings, poems, essays and sculptures. and i guess only one digital story. this one.