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Internet Advocacy workshop

I was attending an internet awareness workshop hosted by Video volunteers on 6th and 7th December at Bagha beach. The whole thing was centered around 'how to promote your site on the net.' Usually a workshop is a boring place where one has to sit and listen to delegates and info goes from the notes of the speakers to notes of the listeners without going to the minds of either but here was this cool American guy Freeman Murrey who had one clear message- get your face on as many social networking sites as possible! By showing us how Barak Obama set up his followers online, Freeman presented in front us the pros and cons of doing business online. The most interesting part was when he told us about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), that is how to structure the heading of your site/blog post such that it shows up at the top in the search engines. All it needs is time, and brains. The Internet has bombarded us with massive amounts of information and the question before us now is no…