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The Crew Of Outcasts

Note: This story picks up the story line from the events mentioned in my book. It also serves as a continuation of the previous post titled League of Shadows

The loud ring of the cell-phone shook me out of sleep. I blinked and rose from the bed with a start. The mid-April heat was making life unbearable. The fan revolving overhead was not helping. To top it all, my cellphone did not have a good signal in my own flat.

“Hello scamster” growled the voice at the other end of the phone. It triggered lots of memories and emotions in my heart. “Did you miss us?”

“You have no idea.” I whispered.

I had awaited that call for a long time.

Holding the handset to my ear, I walked out to the adjoining balcony. Spread beneath my gaze were the narrow streets of Sadashiv Peth, filled with smoke, noise, and chaos.

Yes. A year after the events mentioned in my previous book, I was still living in Pune.

After my German classes had ended two years prior, I had gone back to Goa to pursue my dream of w…