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The Comeback

The fire in his eyes lit up again as the Mercedes came at the door of the ashram. “Good morning...Swami ji...sir…” the driver hesitated, not knowing what to call him. He got in without a word, and watched the gate of the ashram fall behind as the car took the road to airport.

The seat of his old car seemed warmer and more welcoming after all these years. He had bought the car just a few months before meeting his guru, Swami Adbhutananda, the man who had preached detachment from material world and convinced him to become an ascetic. He had left behind his house, his parents, and Boomerang Investments, the company he had founded with his friends at the age of 20. Hailed as a financial wizkid, he had made sure his firm emerged as small, nimble but credible name in financial markets. Five years later, he had met Swami ji, and then in next three years had renounced the material world to become an ascetic himself.

Best decision, he thought now. Only after being an ascetic had his own core …