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In Praise of the Uncomplicated

I never though i would say this, but light one-time read novels and slapstick movies are some of the best things life has to offer.

There was a time I used to value only high-quality literature like The White Tiger or Tinderbox but now, I am of the opinion that  cheap one-time reads which one can buy on railway stations or second-hand bookstores are absolutely essential. The same goes for movies. While films like Peepli Live do hold a unique place and act to change the society, a Dabangg is vital to keep us sane.

When I was a student and had ample time to process information and think about things, I loved to read and watch thought-provoking stuff. But now, I am white-collar worker and  find that anything that is pure entertainment and does not involve too much thinking is welcome. Reading a relatively uncomplicated novel and then coming up with ridiculous alternative plots is a fun thing to do. Most importantly when everything in your life isn't working according to plan, readi…