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Rules for the New Bookshelf!

I am getting a new bookshelf!

No. The development is not that small. I’ve never had a bookshelf before, and the event needs some preparation. I am pretty excited about the thing and I am very particular about which books deserve a place on the bookshelf.

The plan flows along essentialist lines.

I carefully evaluate all my books and give away most of them. Then, I keep on the bookshelf, only those books that  offer absolutely brilliant experience as hard copies, for example, ‘S’ by JJ Abrams. Of course, all books are better read in hard-copy, but then, those books which are cheaper in digital form, and those that I believe are an inseparable part of me, will go to kindle.

I also have another weird idea: A book shall remain on the shelf for maximum five to seven years. After that, it has to be donated to the local library, regardless of whether I have read it or not. If I think it is worth keeping, I will buy a kindle version of the book.  If it is not available on kindle, then tough l…