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Let it Flow!

I have been thinking for the past few months about why I have been unable to make any progress with part II of my book ‘Cool but Confused” (which I intend to re-launch under new title when it catches my fancy again). Problem-solving is fun (my own problems; not those of others). I mull over issue for months, even years, and at times it seems that the trail has gone cold. The solutions often come just as other people have forgotten the issue; circumstances have changed, and I have developed a new perspective over the long period of time that has passed. Also, you become detached with things after long period of time and that makes it easy to swiftly implement solutions that seemed brutal before.

So, here’s what came up after the little thinking exercise.

The characters in my previous book are based on friends who have been by my side since the last 20 years. The stories in it were based on the experiences they shared with me at various points during those long years of bonding. Even t…