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The konfusing kultural chaos

I will not hide the fact that I am bored to death with the German classes of B2.1 level.  I miss my peaceful and quiet home.  Even as the voice inside my head screams for home, there is one small problem.
I am walking towards a cultural shock.
There is every possibility that I might lose my German language. I do not know how many people will understand my Germanized Marathi and Konkani.  My friends in Pune find it absolutely normal to scream ‘Gesundheit’  (good health) when someone sneezes.  ‘Gluckw├╝nche’ (good wishes) echoes everywhere  when it’s someone’s birthday or ‘Alles Gute’ (I wish you all the good ) during exams. When I was home for a brief time in August, my Goan friends were rolling on the floor laughing when I instinctively shouted these words. 
My German classmates move seamlessly between English and German, often mixing the two languages mid-sentence. They will casually say “‘That’s so ‘peinlich’” (that’s so embarrassing),…  “We were ‘kaufing’” ( kaufen-shopping/to shop…