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The Company of Zeros!

Ola! My reader friends, The last few months have been really busy and eventful. The best thing of all, I came back home from Pune and got a job as a content writer with a small company that provides a number of web based services.  93% of the people in this company are engineers. They do not take even a fleeting interest in beautiful subjects like history and politics. Instead, they chat excitedly about machines and programming in a language that is certainly not English.
We gel pretty well over movies and computer games . On that note, considering their lack of interest in politics and their interest in computer games, I have come up with a suitable nickname for my new place of employment: The Company of Zeros (hereafter referred to as TCZ)
Services provided by TCZ include web designing, web booking portals, computer sofware, mobile applications, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing (SMM).  SEO is a process by which you get your website to rank as high as po…