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Living in a limbo

Yes, I was wrong. In calling the office as wonderland in my last post. Its actually a mini rural Maharashtra. Most of the employees come from distant villages in that state and they commit three most despicable sins.        1.They don’t read my blog
 2.They don’t laugh at my jokes
See? This is where I run in trouble due to my addiction to English puns and idioms. My frequent references to different sitcoms and dramadies on Star World are met with blank stares, I come across graduates (in Marathi) who spell ‘cylinder’ with‘s’ and ‘eradication’ with ‘I’. Contrary to my Germany educated cousins, (ahem) the office people think my English is impeccable and I get respect to a point where it becomes uncomfortable.  The situation is so awful that I had to create an imaginary English speaking friend (who look and talks like Agent Smith in Matrix.) to preserve my English skills.
Anyway, I have started spreading my awesomeness in the office by helping a couple of employees open th…

Our New Wonderland

Ola! My reader friends!  I apologize for the long silence that befell our interection in the friendly virtual world the cruel real world kept me on my toes . Anyway, I just got down to scribbling as I found the next target for satire.  It’s this newspaper that gives really awesome news.  For the purpose of this blog, we’ll call it the Daily Devil
Lets get to the point. So this new job opened up the world of working of the print media which we in the audio-visual media have sometimes considered… errr…. ‘not above us’. Firstly, they’re night owls, considerably relaxed then the audio visual folk. And compared to our lean but mean but great news channel which I had compared to the nimble little British intelligence service, the Daily Devil employs a lot more man power.
There’s a lot more work and you’ve to write a lot. Finding shortcut in work is not easy. And of course, the sub-editors, the desk workers who write, not necessarily intelligent but sensible news from the info sent in by repo…