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Daydreams of a city dweller

I think the city of Panaji is like a beautiful painting and you cant take your eyes off it. Roaming the city in late evenings after office has become my hobby. I don’t walk. I don’t do anything on my own account. The streets come alive and pull me on and the sea sings songs of joy. Miramar beach is my trusted friend. It is here that I built my first sand castle as a kid. It is here that I wrote my first poem .I shared my grief here with the sea and tears from my eyes fused with the waves to become a part of their calm humming that provides hope.
There is this place, elegant as a nobleman, charismatic as a leader, whoprovides a peek in the corridors of power. The hill of Altinho-abode of the ruling elite. Sometimes I stand before the Archbishops House and pretend I own the place or stand on the heights of Altinho imagining I rule the city spread below. The mentions and bungalows of the city’s powerful barons, the sophisticated black coated lawyers at the high court and government motorca…