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The wonder that is Siolim

Being a complete ‘city guy’, it was only in tales that I had heard of a village. Green fields, grazing cattle, fresh water streams and villas situated by their side. It all seemed a distant dream till I visited the village of Siolim.

I went on a field trip in Siolim as a part of the Go Create group to click some snaps for a digital story. ( to know more about Digital Story Telling, click here) The village is truly enchanting. We started our journey from Francis Xavier Higher Secondary school.

Narrow tree lined alleyways are a joy to walk on and the elegant network of rice fields and roads seems like a giant chess board of Mother Nature. Beautiful churches dot the skyline and their reflections in the spring provide a feast for painters. It is a picture-perfect village and even blinking one’s eye is an insult to the scene.

There are ample open grounds, football fields and above all villas that border the streams are eye dazzling. The streams provide great opportunity for fishing and there…

Mobile Mania

Buying a cell phone was something I was eagerly looking forward to when I was in college. Thrilled by the idea of remaining connected 24/7, I went to consult some friends about what model should I buy and immediately regretted my decision. “Nokia 6205, 2112, Sony Ericsson Z550, W200, bombarded with numbers, my mind was thrown into confusion. The budget also had to be modest as I was getting the phone as a gift from my uncle (if I ask for a too expensive one, I might lose his favor). At the end of the day, amidst chaos and confusion, I ended up with a Sony Ericsson K310i. “A VGA camera and infra red connectivity-that’s it! You got a piece of junk man!”-mobile specialist Mad protested. “It will help me keep low profile and divert suspicions” When suffering from low confidence, I summon the ‘James Bond within’. My phone hadn’t many features but I was happy with it.

Soon friends were found, my contact database took shape, messages began to be exchanged and money began to evaporate. The cel…