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Time and peace

I just discovered that half my family is on blogger, the other half on Facebook. (Those who are on Facebook are also on twitter.). It makes me feel like a shadow is following every moment of my life. How addicted have we become to this sharing? Where are those moments when you feel like time has stopped-and it should remain stopped? Or have we wasted that moment in tweeting about how much we are enjoying that moment? Exams come, results out, got a job, we share everything.Even when there is nothing in our mind, we scratch the bottom of the barrel to scribble something on that social networking site.Comments rain in and we are flattered by that illusion of popularity. I am walking on sand of a beautiful beach with my friends. The sunset, the softness of sand, the sound of the waves and the company of friends-perfect heaven. But my friends are talking on their cell phones to someone else and I am uploading the pictures of the beach to some site. We just appear to be with each other. Our…