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New Years Blog 2012

Aha! New Year! Any resolutions? Reflections?
None to be frank.  It’s a new year, a blank sheet and I am going to start scribbling afresh.
I may not have a resolution but I have a vision- internet advocacy. 
It’s been an interesting journey trying to figure out how we can use the internet for activism and perhaps more.  I stumbled upon the world history educatorsblog where an innovative history teacher gives different online tools to integrate education with new media. We in India certainly need to make education more interesting and less stressful. The tools discussed in the blog might also help elsewhere in things like journalism.
So, I want to open tuition classes where I will try and teach students using online tools and apps. Come, ask questions, explore and be curios not quiet. I am already teaching history to my 15 year old cousin using interactive  Age of Empires game package, history channel documentaries and qwikies. Check out this Qwiki on the Mauryan empire  for example