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Have I told you before of my evil cousin? No not, the Jackal, he is secretly evil but this guy is an open and visible threat.  The history of his dark deeds is as colorful as his character. His name is Ranganath. This name also has a history.
Ranganath was the name of our neighbor.  My cousin was about 8 years old when his family shifted to Goa from Mumbai.  He first read the name on the neighbor’s nameplate and instantly liked it. From that moment on, he insisted that people call him Ranganath.  Anyone who disobeyed received swearing and beating and in my case, some small scars.
Ranganath had two favorite sports -seizing anything that was in my hands and pulling my rather silky hair. Finally I reduced my hair to military cut. Then he started rubbing plastic sheets on my head to try static electricity experiment.  He liked to do it especially at times when I would be asleep.
I was in college around the time Ranganath moved into our residential society, so my life was awesome and f…