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A serendipitous disaster

I must beg your pardon for the silence once again for I have been on  a serendipitous journey over the last two weeks.
My close friends will tell you that when I am frustrated, I just dial some random numbers on the phone and play pranks with people on the other side. My favorite pranks include calling up hotel Fidalgo and giving them phone numbers of my friends so the hotel staff harass them to join the costly Fidalgo Club, faking a British accent and asking Goa related information to the British tourist assistance office, and ordering massive quantities of cashew nuts from my dad’s friends in Panaji pretending to be my dad.
I was quite bored after I left my job in the newspaper ‘Daily Devil’.  With nothing to do and lots of time, I just  dilled the German consulate and asked whether there were any German classes in Goa. One of my many evil cousins had just refused to admit me into her German class. As expected, the Germans said that all such classes in Goa were full. Unfortunately…