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A serendipitous disaster part 2

 this post is a continuation of my experiences of learning German language
Click here for part 1
As my German studies proceed to levelB1 here in Pune, serendipity is beginning to give way to confusion and desperation.
The A1 and A2 levels were kind of an introduction to German so slight mistakes were forgiven. You could bunk classes, use the English to German dictionary and get relatively more difficult doubts answered in English.
This is B1.
The words “Nur Deutsch” (only German) ring out like a war cry and the command “noch einmal!” (again!) is shouted till you get grammar and pronunciations correct down to the last letter. Possessing and using English to German dictionary is frowned upon and German to German dictionary rules the roost. German language does not have as wide an array of words as English. Hence the Germans are forced to use the same words in different contexts resulting in one German word having as many as 20 meanings. Understanding context and grammar is as impo…