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The BoP Crisis

Remember the BoP (balance of payments) crisis India faced in 1991? Well, I have been facing a BoP crisis of my own-the Balance of People crisis.
I appear weird to strangers because I take time to analyse and trust people, hence, they don’t connect with me quickly. On the other hand, I can’t stop talking to my friends about the awesome ideas I have. Thus, they are overwhelmed and forced to leave. I am facing a heavy attrition in terms of friends. This is not a good sign especially when I need characters for my new book.
My friends in Goa are really passionate about Goa and often prefer talking about local politics, Goan identity and language issues. I am more interested in topics like personality psychology, world history, globalization and acculturation.  
I connect better with my German and Japanese speaking friends in Pune. Two of my best buddies among them are writers and avid readers. They love to talk about stories and novels. I am afraid that they will be bored if I talk non-…