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Yin and Yang: the best laid plans

It was a lovely Sunday evening. I stood under a mango tree bordering a neatly trimmed lawn adjacent to a magnificent laterite bungalow.  The situation was as always, tricky.
Her oval eyes half shut,  her camphor-white face calm as if she had discovered inner peace and full lips parted in a half smile as if she was lost in a lovely dream, the girl I had come to see was in deep sleep.  A copy of Psychology Today magazine was clutched loosely in her hand.  
I was in a difficult situation, fighting with my own mind.
My heart always skipped a beat when I saw that girl walk, talk, blink or generally move about in a graceful manner.  Now, I could not afford to look at this sleeping beauty lest I forget the purpose of my visit. Neither could I divert my eyes elsewhere for I couldn't see anything as beautiful around.  She was so beautiful that I thought my fingers would scar her fine skin if I touched her. Hence, I tried to slowly snatch the magazine out of her hand.
That did the trick.

Yin and Yang.

Note: Yin and Yang are generally interpreted as positive and nagative forces. However, being an eternal optimist, I have chosen to interpret the two as opposing but complementary forces. Both of them are positive. They only complement each other. ...................

If you are the only guy in an all girl group, your status in the group oscillates between that of a super-star and a scapegoat depending upon the situation and the mood of the girls in the group. If you are the guy in a group of three, your status is like Bhutan-a tiny country situated between two major powers.

It was lunch time at our German class. I sat below a small canopy sandwiched between two girls frantically working on a presentation. My condition was just like Bhutan. The two major powers had given me a lot of help and support but I had to work hard to remain sane while enduring the moods swings of both powers.
The friendship began when three of us coincidentally sat around the same table in level 3 German class. The…