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Reaching the breaking point

Last week has been a little, how should I put it; less enjoyable than usual.  I ate something at a restaurant last Sunday and my acidity resurfaced.  I could not concentrate on work which annoyed the bosses and I had to stay late correcting things which worsened the acidity.
I had to face music the whole week. When the bosses are angry at you, you reach a tipping point and something breaks within you. You burn from within with anger, get frustrated and depressed. You are dying to unleash the fury somewhere.
I unleash an even more dangerous weapon: philosophy.
A close friend of mine left me when I was 22. We were so close that I bored her to death sharing my problems –which is why she left. I was so frustrated that I registered a two-month camp of Chinmay Mission aimed at introducing young people to asceticism. The world had no meaning. I was going to walk away from it. Fortunately, the next stages of asceticism were a little too sparten for my taste and I got back to my hedonistic …