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The Big Brother That Watches Over Us

Our magazine, The Goan in School just brought out a special issue on secret services around the world. As a part of the issue, I got a chance to interview a former officer of India's internal intelligence agency, the Intelligence Bureau. It was an interesting conversation and I couldn't resist sharing the article here.  

Considering India’s strategic situation, security has been a serious concern for the country and this has called for the need of a powerful and efficient intelligence apparatus. Today, at a time when we are fighting unconventional threats such as terrorism, it is important that the nation’s internal intelligence mechanism should be sound and capable. Associate Director of Fomento Resources and former officer of the Intelligence Bureau Mr Suresh Kumar Nair spoke to us at length about the strengths and weaknesses of India’s primary internal intelligence agency, the IB.
Our perception of the world of spies is often shaped by the TV and movies which tend to romantic…

Let The Sleeping Dogs Lie

So, I was telling you about my time in Pune and how I got where I am today. But there are certain things that re preventing revealing the story ahead.
Trouble is, with passage of time I have forgotten many interesting details of life in Pune. If I were to write about that time, I will have to meet my former boss in Pune and rekindle some memories.
Secondly, in order to make my story effective, I need to meet with a policeman. However, I do not get time for this and thus my story is stuck.
Third, my parents have forbidden me to write about what I am doing right now for a living.
These three are not the problems. I am afraid they are the cans of worms waiting to be opened.
My former boss Emperor Akihito has not read what I have written about him. I did not show it to him because I was safely out of his reach when I wrote it. If I go and meet him now, he will read my blog. I do not know how he will react to my writing.
The policeman who I plan to meet has not read my book. That bo…