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Shifting of Sands

I am very uncomfortable with goodbyes.  They bring abrupt change in life. They create memories that haunt you when you are alone. I too let go of people, but I call it the “shifting of sands” because I do it slowly like shifting sand dunes in the desert.  The term is usually used in a slightly different context but I have my own definitions of things so bear with me here.

Change should come but no one should notice it coming. This is true of politics as well as individual lives. Politics is especially dear to me because it is a long game of patience. Slowness is a political value, a principle that seeps into your individual self as you dive deeper into this field. The Chinese for example took a decade and slowly built their String of Pearls around India.  The Americans slowly and subtly influence the whole world with their soft-power.

The Chinese diplomacy I feel is an inspiration for calm and controlled individual life. The Western countries for instance, assert their military powe…