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My Personal Anthem

Was just thinking...
Different countries have certain national symbols which remind them of the core values that they believe in for eg, a flag, a coat of arms and a national anthem. I think if an individual had a personal anthem to motivate him/her towards the goal of his/her life, life would be lot more meaningful.A national anthem generally reflects the culture, strategic thought and aspirations of a nation. An individual would need an anthem reflecting his/her character, principles and goals. I have thus created an anthem for myself.This song is called ‘The Hope.’ it centers on freedom, prosperity, confidence and my love for Goa.

As long as the divine light In my eyes still shinesAnd my mindBlossoms with dreamsAs long as I possessA cunning brain And an able handMy hope will never endTo be a free manIn the land of sea and sand

By the power of my willMay my mind be graced by peaceAnd my palace by prosperityMay my heart be filled with loyaltyTo my homeland
(c) Jay Joshi