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The book is coming...

Guys, It’s coming! All the character sketches on my blog have been turned into a book!  The book is titled ‘Cool but confused: young professionals have all the material wealth but are their minds really at peace?’ I think the theme of the book is pretty clear there.  Still, here is a little excerpt  from the first page of the book!
This is not a novel. It is a book about young professionals, their choices, attitudes and issues. Just like the people it is about, this book breaks the rule that a book must always stick to one narrative style-story or essay. Just like a young IT professional who plays with computer during the day, plays violin in the evenings and takes French classes on weekends, this book consists of a mix of stories, essays, letters and even poems!
We often hear the old heads complaining about today’s youth. They have problems with our dependence on technology, our impatience, our thinking, dressing and what not. Well, the book is built around three points.
1.      1. This i…

The Jackal

"A few more hours to submission.” I reminded myself as I battled with my assignment. I had no patience to read the reference books and irrelevant information on the internet was only compounding my problems.  When governments and intelligence agencies run out of options, they turn to Special Forces.  I was a king fighting to protect his academic empire. 
In moments of desperation, I remembered one such man.
A man who is shrewd like the British, dour and cunning like the Chinese and insane as an Israeli Commando.  For him, no task is impossible, no challenge unbeatable and that he is unstoppable so his friends say. Hence for all his coldness and insanity, his cunning and his efficiency, I nicknamed him after the legendary killer in a famous novel.
The Jackal.
“Ah, it has been such a long time brother,” said the Jackal as he ushered me into his flat.  One could see he was happy from his broad smile. his deep black eyes just shone huge black pearls devoid of any emotion. He…